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Azar to offer an exclusive #MaverickMixwell performance

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Benny Maverick and Fistaz Mixwell will be headlining the latest ‘Azar Fridays’ event on Friday, 21 December 2018. 

Singer Benny Maverick and House DJ Fistaz Mixwell will be offering an exclusive performance at the Azar nightclub in Morningside, Durban on Friday, 21 December 2018.

The event is being sponsored by Dom Pérignon. “This Friday, @domperignonofficial invites you to the land where everything of pleasure meets expensive music,” Azar said in a Facebook post. The duo would be treating the audience to a 90 minute set as the headlining act.

Maverick is known for popular songs such as ‘Vosho’ featuring Paras and ‘Omunye’ by Distruction Boyz, on which he is a featured artist. Mixwell is known for his work in the South African house music industry.

The event is part of the weekly Azar Fridays events. Azar Fridays is a weekly event during which the club hosts many popular musical acts. This week, Chynaman, DJ Feel, DJ Wobbly, Nag and Don OG Dee would also be performing at the event.

Those wishing to attend the event are advised that the dress code is strictly smart casual and that no shorts or flip flops would be allowed.

Women can enter the club for free before 11PM. Anyone looking to make table reservations can do so by email. Doors open at 9PM.

Xiletelo Mabasa
[email protected]

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