Babes Wodumo discusses how her relationship with Mampintsha influenced her career

Babes Wodumo appeared on MacG’s latest episode of Podcast And Chill, where she revealed that her relationship with Mampintsha did not allow her to act her age earlier in her career.

Babes Wodumo sat down for a candid conversation on the latest episode of MacG’s Podcast And Chill, which premiered on YouTube on Thursday, 4 March 2021. The musician, who rose to stardom at 18 years old, explained that her relationship with fiancé, Mampintsha, impacted the trajectory of her life significantly.

Babes Wodumo revealed that as her manager and boyfriend, Mampintsha had made decisions for her based on their relationship, which she often felt was unfair. She was also unable to stay out and live life as a young celebrity, due to his overwhelming jealousy, which left her unable to speak to other men.

The nature of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s relationship has caused for the musician to top the Twitter trends list many times, as many continue to be concerned about their tumultuous relationship. Fans took notice of the fact that Mampintsha had called her during an interview and requested for a video call, in order to verify her whereabouts.

Watch the video below.