Bachelor in Paradise: Do Logan and Kate break up?

Logan and Kate do end up breaking up in the eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise after many ups and downs in their relationship.

Bachelor in Paradise may be a spin-off series, but because it features contestants that are used to the format of reality television, it is much more interesting to watch.

One of the couples on the most recent season of the show, Logan and Kate, definitely stirred up a lot of drama with their complicated relationship on the show, but they do end up breaking up before the finale.

Why do people watch Bachelor in Paradise?

When Bachelor in Paradise first launched on ABC on 4 August 2014, many fans of the original The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows that this show is a spin-off of were curious to see whether it would have the same reality television level of drama and intrigue as the original shows.

Fortunately, the fact that all of the participants on Bachelor in Paradise have already had one go at the reality dating show game means that this show has many more compelling and dramatic storylines and none of the initial awkwardness of being on camera for the first time.

The series also provides a much more natural and balanced format for dating, which makes the relationships more complicated and interesting to watch.

Bachelor in Paradise: Do Logan and Kate break up?

The most recent eight season of Bachelor in Paradise started airing on 27 September 2022 and is set to end on 22 November 2022.

Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan are two of the more than 40 contestants that participated in this season of the show, but they have certainly also been one of the couples that stirred up the most drama throughout the season.

Both Logan, who was originally a contestant on season 19 of The Bachelorette, and Kate, who was originally a contestant on The Bachelor season 26, started their run on Bachelor in Paradise with different connections.

However, after the couple decided to pair up in the episode which aired on 24 October, the two seemed to form a genuine connection.

This has left many fans of the show wondering whether they will make it to the end of the show and even whether their relationship could and will last outside of the show.

Sadly, insiders have reported that although Kate and Logan make it quite far into season eight of the show and that they end up becoming one of the final six couples on season eight, they will break up before the finale and will likely not have a relationship outside of the show.

Like in many relationships, there are many different factors that contributed to their eventual break-up, but the pair does not seem to be on bad terms, even after the filming for the show ended.

How did Logan and Kate’s relationship on the show start?

When season eight started, Kate had a pre-existing connection with Jacob Rapini, and Logan, with Sarah Hamrick.

However, even after Jacob left his partner, Jill, to pair up with Kate, Kate and Logan decided that, ultimately, they felt a deeper connection with each other than with anyone else on the show.

However, this complicated start was not the end of the ups and down in Logan and Kate’s budding relationship on the show.

Kate wanted more commitment than Logan was offering her, and this really drove a wedge between them by the time that “The Split” came. After the doubt that Kate had about Logan’s feelings was settled, the couple reconnected once again.

Why did Logan and Kate break up?

A spoiler blogger for the series, called Steve Carbone, has reported that even though it may seem like Logan and Kate always find their way back to each other on the show, they do break up before the finale episode.

It is likely that this break-up is caused by a combination of the fact that Kate feels like Logan does not have enough money to support the lifestyle that she wants, and the fact that Gabby and Rachel probably told Kate about how indecisive Logan is.

Are Logan and Kate on bad terms now that they have broken up?

Although things may not have ended in a fairy tale romance for Kate and Logan by the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 8, the couple does not seem to be angry at each other after their break-up.

Like many of the cast members on this season of the show, Logan and Kate still follow each other on social media and have made no shady comments aimed at each other prior to the reunion.