Bar Leader confirms upcoming maskandi docu-series, Khuzani Boh!

Bar Leader has confirmed that it is behind the upcoming docu-series set to highlight the maskandi genre through Khuzani Mpungose, titled Khuzani Boh!.

Legend Manqele took to Twitter on Sunday, 12 September 2021, to affirm that his production house, Bar Leader, is set to air its first-ever maskandi-focused reality docu-series, Khunzani Boh!. For context, Bar Leader is arguably South Africa’s leading production house, and has created a niche for itself with past hit reality shows such as Living The Dream With Somizi, Life With Kelly Khumalo and Being Bonang’s final season.

Now, the production house is preparing a docu-series which will cover the life and times of leading maskandi musician, Khuzani Mpungose. The docu-series is set to be titled Khuzani Boh!. However, the docu-series is more than just about the life and times of Khuzani, as it also aims to attract more isiZulu-speaking viewers. This is as the biggest show on the channel, and in the country, is currently the isiZulu primary medium soapie, Uzalo.

So far, SABC 1 has confirmed that Khuzani Boh! is set to premiere on Saturday, 18 September 2021.

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How old is Khuzani?

Khuzani Mpungose is reportedly 31 years old. The KwaZulu-Natal native is believed to have been born on 3 December 1989. Despite his young age, the maskandi musician is considered the king of maskandi by his fanbase. While the aforementioned is up for debate, it cannot be disputed that Khuzani is one of the leading voices in maskandi.

Where is Khuzani from?

Khuzani hails from the same homestead as former president, Jacob Zuma, Nkandla. In one interview, the maskandi artist explained that he cannot only see Zuma’s homestead from his, but that the distance between the two homesteads is the equivalent of a 30-minute drive.

Where was Khuzani born?

Khuzani was born in Nkandla. While his homestead is now a collection of houses and his mansion, when he was growing up, his homestead did not have such luxuries. This is as his upbringing was humble. His wealth accumulates as he continues to grow in mainstream popularity.