Basetsana Kumalo clarifies premise of Cheeky Palate

Basetsana Kumalo serves as the executive producer of 1 Magic’s new show, Cheeky Palate, which will see South African media personality, Tbo Touch, appearing as a guest in an upcoming episode.

Basetsana Kumalo commented on an Instagram post by media personality, Tbo Touch, which caused confusion amongst viewers because of his attempt at being discreet about the new show, Cheeky Palate. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, Tbo Touch shared a visual from an upcoming episode of the 1 Magic show, which showed him posing alongside the other guests of the week.

In trying to not give away what the show is about, Tbo Touch captioned the post, “Three couples living in one house, it’s just a mess. The sitcom is loading, Basetsana Kumalo, you’re amazing. Let’s hit the big screens!”

As followers began questioning what the show would be about, Basetsana clarified that it is definitely not a sitcom, and thanked Tbo Touch for his attempt at keeping it a secret. She stated, “I love your discreetness… It’s not a sitcom, as you know… Let’s break new ground. Thank you for being part of this new journey, Tbo Touch, you know I love you long time.”

Cheeky Palate premiered on Friday, 9 October 2020, with its first topic being based on spirituality. The show focuses on bringing a group of media personalities together to engage in a controversial discussion about a topic served to them alongside their food.

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