Basetsana Kumalo’s memoir deservedly belongs on the best-selling list

Basetsana Kumalo’s memoir, Bassie: My Journey of Hope, was named the second best-selling book by Penguin Books on its one-year anniversary, proving the impact it has had on readers.

Basetsana Kumalo’s highly successful book, Bassie: My Journey of Hope, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on Thursday, 8 October 2020. The author confirmed that on the anniversary date, she was notified by Penguin Books that her autobiography was the second best-selling book, topped only by Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Considered one of South Africa’s most established women in the media industry, Basetsana, through her book, truly gives readers a feeling of hope and inspiration.

Breaking past the cliché structure of an autobiography, the book sees the mogul delving deeper than just her pageantry days or her time on TV. Readers are able to see the vulnerability of a woman and how, at a young age, she endured challenges that were unknown to many, despite her public profile. In the book, Basetsana also opens up about her miscarriages, being abused by her partner, and her mental health struggles, which are all topics that transcend Mental Health Awareness month, ultimately making the book timeless.

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