Behind The Story: Pearl Thusi breaks down during conversation with Khanyi Mbau

Behind The Story’s Wednesday night episode will be part two of Khanyi Mbau’s interview with Pearl Thusi, which will see them getting into a heated discussion about skin lightening.

Behind The Story’s upcoming episode, which airs on BET Africa tonight, 14 October 2020, will see the second instalment of Khanyi Mbau’s interview with host, Pearl Thusi. Pearl will question Khanyi on her decision to have her skin lightened, and what message that sends to the Black community. Khanyi will be given the platform to share her point of view on the subject matter, as well as why she feels no one is in a place to judge her.

The preview of the upcoming episode sees Pearl getting emotional as she talks about being bullied because of her skin tone. As she often refers to herself as “The Real Black Pearl” or “Brown Skinned Girl,” she has been criticised for her light complexion, which many have regarded as ”not being black enough.” Pearl will also open up about the backlash she has faced and how it has affected her mental wellbeing.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Behind The Story below.