Below Deck: Does Captain Sandy fire Alissa?

It has not been confirmed whether Captain Sandy will fire Alissa on the next episode of Below Deck or not, but one crew member will leave the yacht.

Below Deck crew members have to balance their lives below and above the deck. As such, crew members who could not cope have left the boat in the past.

Although Alissa has caused a lot of drama below the deck this season, it is yet to be confirmed if she will be fired or even if she will decide to leave the boat.

Why do crew members on Below Deck get fired?

There is no doubt that the crew members on board of the superyachts on Below Deck have to deal with some of the most outrageous passenger requests that you have ever seen.

Most of the crew members take these requests in their stride. However, when the demands of the job or the drama below the deck gets to be too much, this can have real-life consequences.

In the past, crew members like Hannah Ferrier, Peter Hunziker, and Shane Coopersmith were either fired or decided to leave the boats for this reason.

Below Deck: Does Captain Sandy fire Alissa?

Below Deck has been on the air since 2013 and Captain Lee Rosbach has been the main captain for the majority of the show.

However, Captain Lee Rosbach was recently replaced by Captain Sandra “Sandy” Yawn in the tenth season of the show.

Replacing such a pivotal member of the crew and one of the fan-favourite characters of the show is no easy feat. When Captain Sandy first arrived on the St. David yacht this season, tensions were already building amongst the members of the crew.

To add to this, many of the crew members felt that Captain Sandy favoured the members of the deck crew over the members of the interior crew.

Stew Alissa Humber has been one of the most vocal crew members regarding this issue and has also been involved in most of the drama in this season. At one point, the fighting between Alissa and Camille Lamb got so bad that Captain Sandy fired Camille.

However, this did not put an end to Alissa’s drama with other crew members or with Captain Sandy. As a result, many fans have been concerned that Alissa will be fired too.

The teaser trailer for the next few episodes on the season has shown that one crew member will leave the yacht and be replaced by a new crew member.

Most people assume that it will be Alissa who gets fired, but fans will have to keep watching to find out whether she leaves the boat of her own volition or whether she will be fired by Captain Sandy.

The drama between Captain Sandy and Alissa

There has been underlying tension between Captain Sandy and Alissa pretty much since the first day that Captain Sandy arrived on the yacht.

Alissa has gossiped about Captain Sandy with other crew members numerous times, including Chief Stew Fraser Olender, sometimes even loud enough for Captain Sandy to hear.

However, Captain Sandy is not innocent in the entire situation, and fans have criticised her style of leadership since she joined the reality series.

Regardless, Alissa and Captain Sandy clearly do not intend to sit down and talk through their issues at this point in the show or behind the scenes.

Why do fans want Alissa to be fired?

While some fans appreciate Alissa’s blunt and straightforward approach to life, other Below Deck fans feel that she has been the cause of most of the drama on board the St. David this season.

Below Deck’s social media pages have been flooded with messages explaining that Alissa’s bad attitude and continuous gossiping about other crew members is the real problem on the yacht.

Moreover, they feel that Captain Sandy should fire her, like she fired Camille.

What will happen in the next episode of Below Deck?

The next episode of Below Deck is titled “Another One Bites The Dust” and will air on Monday, 20 February 2023 at 8/7c on Bravo.

The episode’s title and synopsis implies that the tensions on board the St. David this season will finally come to a head in this episode. They also suggest that another crew member may be forced to leave the yacht this season.

While the identity of the crew member who will leave the boat in this episode is yet to be confirmed, the teaser trailer for this episode revealed that Stew Leigh-Ann Smith will replace this crew member moving forward.

She is also wearing interior crew epaulettes in the clip, which indicates that she will either replace Alissa or Tyler.