Bentley Mansory owner, prices, and famous owners in South Africa

Bentley Mansory models in South Africa sell for over R1 million, even for a pre-owned model as old as the 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8.


When it comes to luxury cars, few brands come close to Bentley. Couple the luxury car brand with the polarising but leading car modification firm, Mansory, and the Bentley Mansory brand of cars will make for some of the most expensive cars in the world.

Together they have produced several models including the New Bentayga, the Flying Spur, Continental CT/GTC (2019), the Bentayga, the Continental CT/GTC (2016), and the Continental CT/GTC (2014).

Most of these models are available in South Africa and retail for over R3 million if new, but straddle on R1.7 million for the cheapest pre-owned model.

Who owns Bentley in South Africa?

In South Africa, the person who reportedly owns the distribution and dealer rights for Bentley is businessman, Toby Venter. Venter, besides owning Bentley in South Africa, is also the owner of Porsche, South Africa.

He acquired the rights from the Imperial Select group, which used to be the distributors in South Africa. News of Venter acquiring the rights to these top brands was publicised in 2016.

The confirmation came in the weeks that followed after the official opening of his then newly acquired, upgraded, and iconic racetrack, Kyalami.

Following the acquisition, Bentley launched a new home base in Melrose Arch, located at the corner of Corlett Drive and Melrose Boulevard.

Bentley Mansory price in South Africa

After Toby Venter’s acquisition of Bentley’s distribution and dealer rights in South Africa in 2016, the brand was able to extend its offering to include models like the Continental, Flying Spur and the Mulsanne ranges in April of the same year, with the all-new Bentayga.

Bentley Bentayga V8
© Bentley Motors. Bentley Bentayga V8

The Bentayga, which was new at the time, was regarded as the fastest, most powerful, and most luxurious SUV. As such, if you were to look on the Bentley website, you would see that the prices of the Bentley models are not available.

This is common with luxury brands, with which the rule is price-on-application (POA). This means that the prices are only shared on demand.

Moreover, Bentley highlights to the public that before attempting to bid on a car, it is important that you first contact the car dealership to confirm if the desired model is available. While Bentley might be mum about the price tag, there are car dealerships that are not.

Below we share the prices of dealerships that are selling Bentley Mansory models in South Africa.

1. AutoTrader

AutoTrader is one of the leading car dealerships in South Africa for both pre-owned and new cars. As such, the dealership has a wide range of Bentley Mansory models and many other Bentley cars.

The cheapest Bentley Mansory model on the site is the 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8, which retails for over R1.7 million.

The most expensive of the cars available from the dealership is the pre-owned 2020 Bentley Continental GT W12 Coupe, for which the price is shared as POA.

But there are also varying models and price ranges that are available to choose from besides the aforementioned models.

2. is another car dealership with a wide selection of Bentley Mansory models for sale. The cheapest models available from the dealership are the Flying Spur and Bentayga which, both for the V8 model, are priced at over R3.95 million.

The most expensive between the two is the Bentley Continental, which is available as either a convertible or coupe. The most expensive of all the models is the GT V8 Mulliner convertible or coupe, retailing for over R5.85 million.

Who is the most famous South African Bentley owner?

Considering the prices of the Bentley Mansory, let us take a look at who the most famous South African is to own a Bentley.

Rapper and businessman, Refiloe “Cassper Nyovest” Phoolo, who is one of the most famous South Africans, owns not one, but two Bentleys.

Cassper Nyovest shares an image of his luxury vehicle to motivate his fans

In 2020, he bought a Mansory Bentley Continental GT V8 to celebrate his thirtieth birthday as a gift to himself. Furthermore, the multi-millionaire rapper had already owned a Bentley Flying Spur.

The rapper has always been vocal about how he believes Bentley is the apex of luxury when it comes to cars, so it is no surprise he owns two.

Final thoughts

Car modification firm, Mansory, might be polarising to car fans based on the modifications they have purportedly conducted on some of the most expensive and luxurious car brands in the world, including Bentley.

That being said, the company has also given rise to some beloved and expensive luxury cars, worldwide. The cheapest available Mansory Bentley model in South Africa costs just over R1.7 million.

The rest do not even go below R2 million and the price can go higher, as the true extent of the price is only shared with the car owner upon their application to purchase a model.