Berita’s Jikizinto music video celebrates African designers

Berita has released the Jikizinto music video, which is a celebration of African designers and seeks to showcase the type of visuals that can be created under the current lockdown restrictions.

Berita released the music video of her current single, Jikizinto, on Wednesday, 5 August 2020. The single is off her latest album, Songs In The Key Of Love, which was released in February 2020. Jikizinto was released shortly after Ndicel’ikiss and Siyathandanana, featuring Amanda Black.

The Jikizinto music video was shot under the Level 3 lockdown restrictions in South Africa. In a promotional Instagram post on the day of the music video’s release, Berita stated, “We made it work with the limited resources we had. It truly takes a village.”

The music video uses fashion as the primary focus, with the use of a green screen to incorporate a kaleidoscope of revolving images and patterns from African designers.

Watch the Jikizinto music video below.