Three of the best dating sites in South Africa

Online dating is a trend which has been on the up with the recent pandemic; below we share three free and local online dating sites and apps.


Online dating is not the taboo topic that it used to be in the past. This can be largely attributed to the recent pandemic that enforced social distancing, and the only way people could connect, even romantically, was through social media.

There are 1000s of dating sites that pop up every day, most of which are not safe. To make navigating these sites easier, we share our list of the popular and commonly used safe online dating sites and apps below.

Advantages of online dating

Online dating had a bad name for a long time. This is because many people fell prey to fake accounts of people who would extort money from lonely singles looking to find love through online dating sites and apps.

However, recently more of the advantages of online dating have been highlighted, as online dating became the go-to during the pandemic.

The advantages of online dating include:

1. It is easy to get started as you are simply required to create a profile to sign up.

2. You decide on the pace you want, which makes it more convenient and less stressful than physically dating.

3. You have higher chances of finding a compatible partner, as you are required to highlight your dating preferences in terms of biography and images, as well as sharing your own preferences, biography and images.

Three of the best dating sites and apps in South Africa

Before detailing the best dating sites and apps in South Africa, it is important to highlight things to avoid when registering for an online dating site or app. For instance you should avoid:

1. Sharing your personal information such as banking details and identification details like your number or any other sensitive information until you have preferably met the person physically.

2. Do not believe everything you read. Catfish accounts are still prevalent in online dating, therefore, it is important to take everything with a pinch of salt as you cannot ascertain the intentions of the other person fully until you have met them and established trust.

3. Pictures are not everything. Just as you should not believe everything you read, it is important to not simply believe the images sent or showcased are one’s real profile as they might be outdated or fake images.

Ultimately, with online dating, the biggest tip is to not share information or money, which you will not be able to get back should the person on the other end of the communication line go offline to never be traced again. Now here are the three leading online dating sites and apps in South Africa.

1. Tinder

Besides being one of the most popular dating apps in South Africa, Tinder is universally one of the most recognised and popular dating apps.

It is characterised by its well-known “swipe left” for incompatible matches, and “swipe right” for eligible matches actions.

The app is free to use, and only people that have matched with each other can move onto a private chat with one another in order to see if they want to further their relationship.

A tip is to start on Tinder, move on to WhatsApp communication, and share supporting social media links, before committing to a physical meeting after matching with someone on Tinder.

2. Bumble

While Tinder remains the most popular go-to dating app in South Africa, the app comes with disadvantages like the fact that recently, users believe the app has shifted from being about finding love to being a “hook-up” app.

Bumble, on the other hand, seemingly prioritises the safety of its female users. The app only allows the female match to make the first move towards chatting after a match.

Moreover, a match lasts 24 hours, therefore, if the female does not make contact in that time, the match will be forgotten by the app.

3. Afro Introductions

Afro Introductions is touted as the largest online dating site in Africa. The online dating site is owned by Australian online dating company Cupid Media, which also runs South Africa Cupid, the South Africa-restricted version of Afro Introductions.

Afro Introductions is free to sign up to, and thereafter you will be able to choose the characteristics of your perfect match with considerations provided to choose from such as zodiac signs, geographical locations, along with the standard age, race, ethnicity, and nationality, as it provides connections for South Africans with other Africans from other countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ethiopia.

Final thoughts

Online dating in recent years has become the preferred method of dating, especially when the lockdown restrictions were enforced in the country, restricting physical social interaction. During this time, the world and South Africans alike resorted to social media to create connections.

Tinder, Bumble, and Afro Introductions became the go-to online dating sites and apps, and were considered safer than most. Therefore, if you are looking to start online dating in South Africa, these are the best and most commonly used sites and apps.