Best hair colours to try out without needing bleach

There have been innovations made in hair colouring which do not require bleaching beforehand that can damage or weaken the hair strands, especially for dark and thick hair.

One of the biggest challenges with people with dark and/or thick hair when considering venturing into colour is the fear of needing to bleach their hair before. The reason for bleaching the hair is that for people with dark hair strands especially with thick textured hair, bright colours will not appear as promised due to the colour and it not being seeped into the hair.

However, through the years, there has been innovation in hair colouring that is aimed at curbing this issue. Granted, they do not have the same long-lasting effect that bleaching ahead of dying your hair would achieve. However, the upside is that the use of these products will protect the hair and prevent possible damage to the hair, a matter which each hair type carries out differently.

Dangers of bleaching your hair 

Two of the most commonly used chemicals in making bleaching products for hair are hydrogen peroxide and p-phenylenediamine. Each of these chemicals remove colour from the hair differently. P-phenylenediamine is considered to change dark hair colours to brown hues when it oxidises, while hydrogen peroxide is considered to strip the hair of its colour through breaking down the hair’s melanin as it oxidises.

As a result, the hair after a while will begin to dry. The consequence plays out differently on each hair type and is also dependent on how much of the bleach was used. On some, the consequence is dry and frizzy ends which can be trimmed in order to stimulate the growth of new hair. In more dire situations, the bleaching process could result in breakage of the hair, which would require you to cut all of the dead hair and start growing your hair from scratch.

Tips on colours to consider for dark hair strands

Therefore, if you are not willing to risk the possibility of losing your hair or the length of your hair, there are more non-invasive methods to achieve your desired hair colour without bleaching. The first one is to consider dying your hair warmer colours, rather than venturing into the cooler colours. This is as the warm colour dyes sit on the hair but are visible to the eye. These colours includes various shades of browns; from your golden brown, toffee, burgundy, mushroom brown and caramel.

Alternatively, you could also try various shades of red which would not require bleaching. These would not come out as shown on the box, depending on the colour chosen. However, similar to the brown tones, they will function as highlights on the hair. These include shades that skim the red shade line such as auburn and mahogany.

Products to colour hair without bleaching


As touched on earlier, with the continued innovation within the space, there have been the creation of hair dyes which can be used on the hair without the need for bleach. One of the innovative brands in the space is global French personal care company, L’Oréal. The brand has created and promoted its various product lines which aim to offer people looking to dye their hair without bleaching.

These options will not give long-lasting results, however, that is arguably the compromise between having healthy hair or perfectly dyed hair, with the risk of losing it all eventually. The first option offered by the brand is the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Colour Spray. As the name of the product suggests, you spray the hair colour on.

As a result, this means that it is advisable to avoid water or the use of too much watery products as the dye will fall away. Besides losing the colour in your hair, you would also be risking losing a top or dress due to staining. Amazon sells the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Colour Spray at a retail price of $7.99 for the popular 2-ounce, silver colour, while the more vibrant colours like pastel blue and pink retail for $6.99 and $13,85, for a 2-in-1 special deal.


Alternatively, there is a semi-permanent option offered by the company. This is the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. Detailing the difference of the product, the company writes, “The line features four shades specifically formulated for dark hair colors. The semi-permanent hair dye is also ammonia-free and lasts through four to eight shampoos—the perfect amount of time to test drive a fun hair hue.”

The product is available on Amazon. The online store has all four shades available in different package sizes. The pricing ranges from $5.81 to anywhere close to $9.99, as the price is also dictated by the colour of the dye.