Three of the best pre-ground coffees for French press

Considered the best way to taste coffee, French press is the best drinking experience for most coffee lovers; here is a list of three of the best pre-ground coffees.

It could be argued, would be one polarising argument, that French press coffee is regarded as the best coffee amongst all the different types of drinking experiences. The biggest reason for this notion being the process and manner in which French press coffee is made, from the grinding of the coffee beans to the manner in which the coffee beans are brewed.

However, not all coffee beans fully express this experience. In an effort to give this experience and sway critics, this article will share an in-depth look at the inception of this type of coffee making, its difference from its sister coffees and which pre-ground coffee to purchase to fully experience French press coffee euphoria.

Meet French press coffee’s Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta

The inception of French coffee, specifically machines is attributed to two Italian designers, Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta. They are attributed for creating the French press coffee machine in 1929, which the term was then patented by Paolini Ugo. In the years that would follow, different coffee brands would create different terms like the piston coffee maker, in order to get over the patent clause to refer to the French press coffee machine.

Why you should choose pre-ground coffee beans for French press coffee

Moreover, while there are a variety of coffee beans and blends which can be used in order to make French press coffee, there is a type of coffee blend which is recommended to get the full taste experience of a French press coffee. That is the rich, full-bodied medium dark roasted coffee. Moreover, if you are wondering what makes pre-ground coffee beans different from coffee beans, such as home ground and whole coffee beans, the simple answer is that it’s all in the harvesting process of the beans.

Think of it this way, coffee beans start off as seeds and then turn into plants. At each step, the coffee bean can be extracted in order to make coffee. However, at each step the extraction will result in the different taste and longevity of the bean once brewed. Pre-ground coffee beans refers to coffee beans which were extracted from below the ground. Pre-ground beans are favoured due to thier ability to retain flavour, and the taste without the need to be extra careful when roasting the coffee beans compared to their predecessors.

Hence this is why they are preferred, as the roasting process would not affect the taste of the inside of the bean, which when brewed then gives the full taste profile of the bean. However, the safest and preferred coffee bean is the whole bean, which is used due to its longevity and freshness compared to the pre-ground coffee beans.

Three of leading pre-ground French press coffee bean brands

Major Dickason’s Blend from Peet’s Coffee

The taste palate of the Major Dickason’s Blend from Pete’s Coffee is described as a French roast, which is nuanced as, “The rich coffee character of French Roast comes from a longer, hotter roast, which not all beans can handle and only Peet’s has perfected.” When tasting the coffee expect to taste a rich flavour profile, with spicy, complex notes and a full body.

Amazon is currently selling the pre-ground coffee beans for $59.99.

Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee

Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee is favoured as one of the best pre-ground French press coffee blends, due to its ease in use matched by its flavour profiles. The taste is that of a rich, smooth flavour which is packed with aroma. It is the strong aroma, which is regarded as the reason that the French press coffee gives you that kick should you have it in the morning.

Amazon is currently selling the pre-ground French press coffee beans from $25.26.

Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Ground Coffee, French Roast Colombian Artisan Roasted

The Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Ground Coffee, French Roast Colombian Artisan Roasted beans describes the flavour profile of the beans as, “Our whole bean coffee features French roast coffee beans with medium acidity and a crisp, sweet finish. The aroma is every bit as pleasing as the taste of the gourmet coffee.” As a result, it gives the taste of a restaurant style French press coffee taste, that you can achieve at home.

Amazon is currently selling the pre-ground coffee beans for $39.99.