Best tool to make an ad on Snapchat

Snapchat’s Ad Manager is the best tool to use to make an ad as it was introduced by the platform for that very reason, to make Snapchat-dedicated ads.

Popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram easily welcomed advertising on their platforms. However, there were other social media platforms that did not embrace advertising on their platforms as early and readily as the aforementioned platforms.

One in particular is Snapchat, however, in recent years the platform has slowly embraced advertising. As such, it introduced Snapchat Ad Manager, which is the ideal tool for creating effective Snapchat advertisements.

The use of Snapchat’s Ad Manager has been slow in terms of attracting advertisers to the app as a result of the untapped potential in the Snapchat youth demographic, which businesses have arguably failed to realise as a long-term gold mine.

What are Snap Ads?

Snap Ads are Snapchat dedicated advertisements created for the platform. Characterised by their full-screen vertical display, most videos have a timespan of three to 10 seconds of playing time.

Snap Ads are categorised by four main objectives, namely, driving traffic to a website, promoting the installation of an app, raising awareness about a cause, or driving traffic to a posted video. You have to choose from these objectives when creating your Snap Ad.

Moreover, the benefits of Snap Ads are that they have a better chance of persuading their target audience as the ads immediately grab users’ attention because of the vertical full-screen display.

These videos have a higher engagement rate in terms of clicks generated, and over 60 percent of videos are watched with the sound on as opposed to other social media platforms.

Best tool to make an ad on Snapchat

As previously explained, many users believe that the best tool to use to make an ad on Snapchat is Snapchat’s Ad Manager. This is because you can create the ad on the platform and publish it as soon as you have completed the Snap Ad.

To access Ads Manager you have to login into the website with your Snapchat account. Thereafter, when you click on the Dashboard, you will find the option to create your Snap Ad. After clicking on “+New Campaign” you can create the Snap Ad.

The steps to do so are:

1. Choose an objective for your campaign and select its duration.

2. Select an audience and set a budget. Choose the geographical location of the Snap Ad, a demographic in terms of age and gender, an audience based on preferences, the placement, and the devices the ad should appear on.

3. Select the type of Snap Ad you want to create based on the objective of the ad.

4. Upload or create the information on It is important to fill in the required fields including brand name, headline, and call to action.

5. Once that is completed, click on “Launch Campaign” to run the Snap Ad.

6. After running the Snap Ad, to improve the performance of your Snap Ads, you should check your analytics by analysing the report shared on your dashboard regarding the performance of the ad.

There are notable advantages to investing in marketing with Snapchat. Here are some top reasons why advertising on Snapchat is an often overlooked, advantageous marketing platform.

1. Snapchat and its youthful demographic

Snapchat is regarded as one of the social media platforms with the biggest Gen Z and millennial demographic market. In the US, the platform supposedly has a 75 percent reach amongst Gen Z and millennial audiences.

Moreover, it was reportedly predicted that in the coming three years, Snapchat will gain approximately 1.2 million new teen users, while Facebook will lose 2.2 million users in this age bracket.

That being said, for businesses and brands targeting a youthful market that grows with the brand as it grows, Snapchat is the platform for this.

2. Snapchat’s distinctive audience

Similarly to how Gen X might be averse to Snapchat, since it is considered a millennial and Gen Z social media app, the same can be said about Snapchat users. It has been reported that most active Snapchat users are not as active on other social media platforms.

It was estimated that 35 percent of Facebook users cannot be reached on it, while 46 percent of its users with Instagram and 81 percent of Snapchat active users with Twitter are reachable via Snapchat.

Therefore, the platform provides a youthful, dedicated, niche audience on which channelled advertising is beneficial.

3. Snapchat’s persuasive power

Lastly, another advantage of focusing on Snapchat ads is that the platform allegedly has the biggest conversion as it pertains to converting clicks into revenue.

It is believed that Snapchat has double as much conversion between clicks and sales or engagement on content as any other of the popular social media platforms.