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Beyoncé’s new single, Before I Let Go, creates trending dance challenge

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Before I Let Go is Beyoncé’s new single and the dance-instructive single has created a Beyoncé-approved dance craze on social media, with fans recording themselves dancing to the song.

Before I Let Go was released as part of Beyoncé’s live album Homecoming, which was released on Wednesday, 17 April 2019. The song was one of two bonus tracks on the forty-track album, along with Been On. The song also plays at the end of the documentary, which is also titled Homecoming. Soon after its release the song fast became a fan favourite, with fans creating videos of themselves dancing to it, prompting Beyoncé on Tuesday, 23 April 2019, to share her first ever public Instagram post, approving of the dance challenge.

Beyoncé posted a yellow background with a heart-eyes emoji and a bee emoji, with the hashtag #BeforeILetGo. The post was of acknowledgment and appreciation by the artist for the dance challenge, which stems from the song’s last verse before the outro.

The song’s last verse is written as a dance routine, with  lyrics such as those instructing the listener to “Cross your legs, turn around and clap. Shuffle to the left, let’s glide now.”

Since her post of approval, more fans have taken up the instruction and continued recording themselves doing the dance moves and posting them on different social media platforms with the #BeforeILetGo hashtag.

Sabelo Makhubo
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