Bishop Makamu voluntarily steps down from Moja Love

Moja Love has released a statement announcing that Bishop Israel Makamu has voluntarily stepped down from the channel, following the circulation of an audio clip of the bishop allegedly propositioning a member of his church.

Moja Love took to Instagram on Tuesday, 11 May 2021, to confirm that Bishop Israel Makamu, who is the host of various shows on the channel, has voluntarily stepped down. The announcement was shared amid the circulation of an audio clip of Bishop Makamu allegedly propositioning a woman from his congregation. The audio has garnered much attention because of the terms used, which many believe are proof of the power dynamics between the two people in question.

In the audio, the man, believed to be Bishop Makamu, can be heard referring to the woman as “my child.” On the other hand, the unnamed woman can be heard referring to the man with the reverence reserved for a religious leader in his position.

According to the statement, “On consultation with the channel, Bishop Makamu maintains that he is innocent and the recording dates back to 2017. He says the lady in the recording worked for him and their conversation was not in any sexual manner and it was altered to extort him for money.”

Moja Love has launched an internal investigation into the matter.

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