Black Coffee and Euphonik use racial slur to indirectly insult Prince Kaybee

Black Coffee used a racially charged slur to insult Prince Kaybee in a since-deleted tweet because of the backlash it received, with Euphonik’s retweet still visible on his timeline. 

Black Coffee, on Thursday, 28 May 2020, made the mistake of using a racially charged slur as a comeback to the Twitter feud that he was having with fellow DJ, Prince Kaybee. The two were embroiled in a passive aggressive exchange after Prince Kaybee sided with financial advisor, Koshiek Karan, over Euphonik, making it clear whose side he was on.

Following Prince Kaybee’s diplomatic answer to the question that Black Coffee had posed, the spat appeared to have reached its end. However, as a comeback, Black Coffee referred to Prince Kaybee using a racial slur, which he later deleted because of the backlash.

Prince Kaybee took a screenshot of the racial slur and wrote, “This actually hurt me I don’t [want to] lie, deleting the tweet was substandard and cowardly. “

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