Black Coffee comes to Euphonik’s defence after Prince Kaybee’s subliminal tweet

Black Coffee has come to friend and fellow DJ, Euphonik’s defence against Prince Kaybee, following a subliminal tweet prompted by Euphonik’s heated exchange with Koshiek Karan.

Black Coffee involved himself in the ongoing spat between Euphonik and financial advisor, Koshiek Karan, on Thursday, 28 May 2020. This after Prince Kaybee’s tweets siding with Koshiek Karan, who suggested that Euphonik does not know enough to offer financial or real estate advice.

Prince Kaybee then shared a subliminal tweet about celebrities who draw their “expertise” from watching YouTube videos and not experience. Black Coffee commented on Prince Kaybee’s post, stating, “Here’s a question without the ‘urge of sounding intelligent,’ are you a celebrity?”

Many have labelled Black Coffee a bully for the tweet, while others believe that he was merely defending his Deep In The City partner and friend, Euphonik.

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