Blaq Diamond releases Messiah music video, featuring Dumi Mkokstad

Blaq Diamond has released the music video for their gospel-inspired single, Messiah, featuring gospel vocalist, Dumi Mkokstad.

Blaq Diamond took to Instagram on Friday, 4 June 2021, to announce the release of their new music video for Messiah, featuring Dumi Mkokstad. The duo teased the single ahead of the release of the music video. Messiah marks the first gospel-inspired single to be released by the duo since they signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Therefore, with the music video, the duo not only continues to highlight the significance thereof, but the music video seems to denote the religious beliefs of Ndu and Danya. The premise of the music video is set up as the two feeling complacent as they reach number one for yet another hit they have released. The two question how they can further push the envelope after their last hit single.

Gospel becomes their choice and they enlist Dumi Mkokstad for the single. The video details two Christian devotions, including the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) and Shembe.

Watch the Messiah music video below.