Blood & Water cast speak character growth and possibility of season three

In an exclusive interview with JustNje, Blood & Water’s Ama Qamata, Dillon Windgovel and Thabang Molaba hinted to a season three of the hit Netflix teenage drama series.

Blood & Water’s lead cast agreed to an exclusive virtual interview with JustNje on Tuesday, 21 September 2021, speaking about the highly anticipated second season of the Netflix original series. The cast, which consisted of Ama Qamata and her love interests in the story, Dillon Windgevol who plays Wade and Thabang Molaba who plays KB, spoke on the character growth, reuniting, the veteran actors which inspired them, and hinted at the possibility of a third season.

Qamata spoke on receiving the second season’s script and finding out about Puleng’s trajectory by stating, “I feel like this season we get to know everything more in depth. So I guess if people thought that season one was deep, then season two is deeper.”

Windgevol spoke on how the upcoming season explores the lives of the supporting characters more than the first season, as he stated, “I think during season one, there was just the introduction, and it’s almost like in the sense where the audience and your character is just acquaintances, and then in season two, that’s where you learn more about each other, you learn more about one another.”

However, the biggest revelation was the suggestion of a third season already being in production. This is as, in response to a question about his character’s growth and development, Molaba stated, “Personally, I’d say for me, season two was more of a build-up for us to see KB’s world properly. I don’t think there was anything new in terms of KB and what we see in season two. It was pretty much the world we saw in season one, and basically building it up for what we will see in season three.”

Although, when the cast was directly asked whether a third season is on the cards, none of them, including Molaba, could confirm.