Blxckie releases Ye x4 music video, featuring Nasty C

Blxckie has released the music video for his current lead single, Ye x4, featuring Nasty C, which boasts a cameo from new-age media personality, Uncle Vinny.

Blxckie took to Instagram on Sunday, 13 June 2021, to announce the availability of the music video of his current lead hit single, Ye x4, featuring Nasty C. Continuing to push boundaries through his musical growth, Blxckie released the music video with little promotion and on a day which is not synonymous with music video releases.

Visuals of the single were produced by Kontent is King. When the music video begins, the premise thereof is not clear. The visuals plunge straight into a dream-like sequence filled with abstract visuals which are saturated in tone. The visuals showcase the brotherhood created by the new entrants in the hip-hop culture. The music video also stars Uncle Vinny and Dr Peppa, showcasing how they are set to pave their own path in the local hip-hop landscape.

However, as the music video ends, the premise becomes clear. The music video is based on Blxckie dreaming about his future reality, which includes garnering a cult following and working with Nasty C.

Watch the Ye x4 music video below.