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Boity Thulo advises matriculants to not be pressured by society

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Boity Thulo has joined in on the conversation surrounding matric results, which were recently released, as some learners may be left feeling disappointed or embarrassed about failing.

Boity Thulo took to Twitter today, 22 February 2021, to weigh in on the topic of matric results and the impact that failure has on some learners. With 2020 having been an extremely difficult year for the Education Department in South Africa, some learners will have to repeat the year due to not passing the matric exams. Empathising with those who are left feeling disappointed, Boity advised them to use this year as a new opportunity to do better.

She also advised learners to not be pressurised by society’s opinions and to work according to their own timeline to achieve their goals. She stated, “Please remember that moving towards your destiny is not a competition, nor does it have an age limit. Don’t allow society to pressure you into believing that your age is directly linked to reaching your goals. It isn’t failure, it’s an opportunity to try again.”

Boity also took the time to encourage those who have expressed their sadness on social media and to condemn anyone who looked down upon them. She added, “I hear you. But as long you know that there is nothing wrong in trying matric again. It’s an opportunity to do better than last time. And that’s always a good thing.”

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