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Boity Thulo does her own French manicure during lockdown 

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Boity Thulo successfully attempted one of her self-maintenance tasks amid the national lockdown, as she completed a full French-set manicure by herself.

Boity Thulo took to Instagram on Saturday, 30 May 2020, to show off her manicure, which she did all by herself. The image shared showed an admirably done French manicure, shaped with square edges, with a sparkly nail polish added to the middle finger.

The post also showed the various products Boity used to create the manicure, which included nail hardeners, acrylic tips and a top coat. She captioned the post, “I did my own nails yesterday! I’m so proud of myself!” She also added a hashtag, “#LockdownMadeMeDoIt,” suggesting that it was an involuntary task due to the closure of beauty salons during the national lockdown.

All beauty salons are not permitted to trade until Level 1 of the national lockdown. This has caused a number of people to take it upon themselves to complete many tasks which would ordinarily be done by professionals.

See the image of Boity Thulo’s French manicure below.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]