Boity Thulo enraged by Euphonik’s treatment of alleged rape victim

Boity Thulo appears to have had enough of Euphonik’s constant taunting of his alleged rape victim, Nampree on Twitter, whom he previously called a liar and extortionist.

Boity Thulo took to Twitter to comment on Euphonik’s since-deleted tweets, which continue to mock his alleged rape victim who is a lady named Nampree on the platform. In a series of tweets on Saturday, 27 February 2021, the DJ attempted to expose Nampree after she supposedly sent an apology to him, allegedly admitting that what she had done was wrong.

The tweets also exposed what is believed to be her number, which was considered a violation of her privacy by some. As the conversation around his tweets grew, Euphonik deleted them, in an attempt to stop the backlash he was receiving. Amongst the enraged was Boity, who labelled him as vile for turning the ordeal into a joke.

Boity also advised that he leave the commentary to his lawyers and not make Nampree’s experience worse than it already is. She stated, “You’re being a vile as*hole. This is not a joke!!! You’re being accused of the most violent crime and you’re turning it into a sh*ts and giggles circus! Either confess or let your lawyers handle this. But what you’re doing here on Twitter is disgusting!”

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