Boity Thulo reiterates desire to own a jet

Boity Thulo took to Twitter to reiterate her desire to own a jet, following her initial tweet in response to Euphonik’s post on the matter.

Boity Thulo asserted her aspirations of one day owning a jet with her self-affirming tweet on Wednesday, 5 August 2020. The Own Your Throne rapper tweeted, “GirlsWithPrivateJets. The universe will do the rest.” The post comes a few weeks after her initial tweet expressing interest in one day owning a private jet.

The reality star had previously agreed with Euphonik’s aspiration of being part of a group of friends who all own jets, so as to travel in convoys together. Boity had stated that she would love to own a Gulfstream jet, which is a popular choice amongst internationally recognised media personalities who have the finances to own private jets. In her initial tweet, she used the #GirlsWithGulfstreams hashtag.

See Boity Thulo’s post below.