Boity Thulo reveals she is feeling homesick

Media personality, Boity Thulo, who is expected back in South Africa sometime this week, has confessed that she is feeling homesick while on her paid trip in France.

Boity Thulo first embarked on a trip around France on Wednesday, 24 July 2019. The star revealed that she would be in the country and exploring the sights and different cities for two weeks. Since beginning her journey, the media personality and businesswoman has shared her travels with her followers on social media. However, on Monday, 5 August 2019, the star revealed that she is feeling slightly homesick.

To date, Boity Thulo has been away for 13 days. In those 13 days, she has visited the Chateau De Saran in Vignobles Dom Perignon, posed against the Eiffel Tower, had pasta in Verona, Italy and quoted Okmalumkoolkat’s lyrics while she posed with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, the time away has caught up with star.

In her tweet, Boity Thulo stated, “Ok, I think I’m [slightly] homesick. Slightly.” Many of her followers first commented asking her to swap places if was tired of being on that side of the world. One follower stated, “Let’s switch places…. I promise to smile really hard in those iconic pictures.”

Another follower updated the star on what is currently happening South Africa, writing, “Nothing’s happening [shame], relax. I mean [Ramaphosa] has not admitted to emails, Jam is still fighting with EFF, SANEF in court fighting for invitations, [and] you [want to] come back here.”

Boity Thulo’s homesickness comes as the star nears the end of her of trip. The star had revealed when she started embarking on the trip, that it would be a two-week paid vacation. The star is scheduled back in South Africa this week.