Boity Thulo’s Boity Pink Sapphire fragrance said to embody her personality

Boity Thulo’s newest venture sees her collaborating with Halo Heritage on the new Boity Pink Sapphire fragrance, which is said to embody her personality.

Boity Thulo has launched her newest beauty product, the Boity Pink Sapphire fragrance, in collaboration with Halo Heritage.  JustNje attended the media launch on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, held in Westcliff, Johannesburg, where Boity detailed her latest offering. She explained that partnering with Halo Heritage was an obvious choice for her, as the company represents the luxury of an African woman – something she hopes to stand for herself.

The Own Your Throne star previously released a body spray with Impulse, and noted that her new fragrance is a natural progression because of her age and more mature audience. She stated, “Everything has always been about elevating and moving on to the next thing. I think it was a gradual and natural transition.”

Boity Pink Sapphire presents a sweet and fruity smell, with tones of citrus being prominent. The packaging consists of a sapphire blue box and pink interior, incorporating both aspects of the name. When questioned on her decision to name the fragrance Boity Pink Sapphire, she stated, “When I met one of the partners of Halo Heritage, she said that I had a pink aura. Pink is one of my favourite colours, which made that a huge compliment for me. The sapphire is one of my favourite gemstones. It represents sensuality, luxury and beauty, and those are the characteristics that the perfume represents.”

Listen to the full interview below.