Boity’s 4436 highlights her storytelling efforts

Boity’s new EP, 4436, is the first indication of what the multi-faceted media personality can offer in a collective project, moreover, it also highlights some of the consistent focuses of her music.

Boity Thulo released her debut EP, 4436, on Friday, 4 December 2020. The EP marks the first time that she has released a holistic body of work, further showcasing just how multi-talented she is. Before the EP, she released top-charting singles such as Wuz Dat?, featuring Nasty C, Bakae and Own Your Throne.

The aforementioned singles were imbued with messages of lineage, female empowerment, spiritually, and Boity’s growing wealth. With each single release, Boity was hailed for her versatility, despite there being criticism of her supposedly not writing most of her verses.

In listening to the EP, there is always the question of what other stories Boity has to tell. The EP only has one song that pays homage to her hometown of Potchestroom, 018’s Finest, featuring Malegera and Ginger Trill. The other songs on the EP focus on female empowerment, spirituality and her wealth. This leads to questions on whether Boity has enough stories outside of the self-affirmations and rags-to-riches story to sustain her rap career.

The star’s rags-to-riches story has been documented throughout her journey as a television personality and actress, therefore, one can only wonder what else she has to tell. Hip-hop is regarded by many as a platform for artists to open up and share about their lives, something that the public is already privy to in Boity’s case. Alternatively, Boity could possibly maintain her music career through just releasing singles and being a featured artist – a tactic she appears to have implemented with much success in the early stages of her career.

The EP is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to 4436 below.