Boity’s ‘Wuz Dat’ debuts on the airwaves

Jack-of-all-trades, Boity Thulo debuted her first single ‘Wuz Dat’ on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast, and received mixed reviews from music lovers across the country.

Media personality Boity Thulo’s single ‘Wuz Dat’ received mixed reviews after its debut on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast.  The single, which features and was produced by award-winning rapper Nasty C, will officially be released today and Boity will be performing it on Live Amp and at Club Taboo. The presenter turned rapper has been teasing fans by posting footage from her rehearsals on social media.

“Wuz Dat is like, it’s just a dope jam. I’m spazzing out, I’m having fun with it. I got a moment to release my little alter ego that’s always wanted to be like a bad B,” the rapper said on Metro FM.

Following the single’s debut on the airwaves, Twitter users were quick to comment and share their opinions on the song.

Twitter user @MelvineJames didn’t think much of the song and commented:

“Why are we becoming a buncha yes men to celebrities, the #WuzDat song ya Boity ain’t that nice at all, hell naaaah! Look I love Boity with all I have but honey that ain’t it the joint to debut ya rapping career with… Try the next one please… I like scratchy sweet voice tho.”

@Dee_Bongz shared the same sentiments and commented by saying that famous personalities in this country can get away with making terrible songs and still get praised for it.

On the other end of the spectrum, @neo_iggie loved the song and even went as far as saying that Boity has the ability to be the best female rapper.