Bonang Matheba congratulates Lorna Maseko on the release of her cookbook

Bonang Matheba and Lorna Maseko dispelled rumours of their alleged rivalry after Bonang congratulated the Top Billing personality on the release of her debut cookbook.

Bonang Matheba and Lorna Maseko dispelled rumours of their alleged rivalry on Thursday, 17 October 2019, after Bonang sent Lorna flowers congratulating the Celebrate With Lorna Maseko author on the release of her first cook book. The rumours of the end of their friendship were sparked by Lorna not being a featured in the successful series finale of Bonang’s hit reality show, Being Bonang, after having featured on the second season.

On Thursday, Lorna took to Twitter to share a video of what Bonang had sent her as a congratulatory gift. Bonang sent Lorna a bouquet of flowers, a House Of BNG goodie bag and a letter, from which Lorna read out an excerpt in the video. On the card, Bonang wrote, “Congratulations on the launch of your cookbook and your well-deserved success. Bonang.”

Bonang is currently globetrotting and was in Los Angeles when the surprise gifts were delivered to Lorna. Following Lorna’s post about Bonang’s surprise, the former Front Row radio personality replied to Lorna’s tweet, saying, “Congratulations my baby! Sorry I couldn’t be there. We are so proud of you! [We’re having a] big party when I’m back.”

Fans of both personalities and their friendship took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the “reunion.” One social media user stated, “My heart is at peace with both my queens on good terms.” Another social media user that focused on their public reunion, wrote, “So happy, remember sisters get on each other’s nerves but always forgive and move forward.”

Bonang, who is known for her subliminal tweets, later took to Twitter to address the alleged reunion writing, “You all know more about me than I do.”

Watch Lorna Maseko’s video below.