Bonang Matheba continues endorsing House of BNG

Bonang Matheba has continued to promote House of BNG, despite the allegations that she has been iced out of the business which carries her name.

Bonang Matheba took to Twitter on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, to share a promotional post on contentious MCC sparkling wine brand, House of BNG. The popular sparkling wine brand fronted by Matheba has been topical this past week. It all started with Matheba announcing her departure from management company, CSA Global. During her brief statement, she stated plans to have the agency investigated for criminality.

A few days later, it was alleged that the management company had cut her out of the House of BNG deal. It was alleged that the management company claimed ownership of the brand, as Matheba allegedly acquired the partnership deal through the facilitation of the management group.

In light of all of this, Matheba has remained mum on whether she still benefits from any House of BNG sales. However, it appears as though she still does, if her latest post is anything to go by. Although, the public will need to wait for official word from her on the matter.

See the post below.