Bonang Matheba entertains comment on supposed attraction to Sizwe Dhlomo

Bonang Matheba is evidently unbothered by the speculation about her supposed attraction to Sizwe Dhlomo, as she recently responded to the social media commentary.

Bonang Matheba’s recent tweets to fellow media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo, caused for a conversation to ensue regarding her relationship status, as some claimed that she was openly flirting with him. The media mogul tweeted Sizwe today, 22 January 2021, sharing consecutive eye emojis and insinuating that she had her eye on him.

The simple tweet caused for fans to share their interpretations of it, with one follower, in particular, sharing an image that implied that Bonang was calling Sizwe over for intimate reasons. Bonang lightheartedly acknowledged the comment and responded, “…Lol! I just text if I’m [trying to] hit… I wouldn’t involve [you all]…”

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