Bonang Matheba releases her documentary, Public Figure

Media personality, Bonang Matheba, has taken to social media to share the trailer and announce the iTunes release of Public Figure, a documentary she co-produced.

The documentary was originally screened at the Manchester Film Festival in March 2019 and has now been made available for global viewership on the media streaming site, iTunes. Public Figure highlights the current generation’s dependency on social media and online validation. The documentary details the lives of various social media influencers or public figures and showcases the public’s reaction to them.

According to iTunes, Public Figure is “An exploration of our society’s increasing obsession with social media. The insightful documentation of social media uses and addiction invites the viewer to question if what we see online is reality or complete delusion. Beginning in New York and continuing through Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, and South Africa. Throughout our travels our influencers show us how they’ve transformed their lives into enterprises, while voicing their concerns on the addiction.”

Directed by Brian Corso, Bonang Matheba features as the co-producer of the documentary, and also appears in scenes which detail the lives of a South African social media influencer. Other notable appearances in Public Figure are Denzel Washington, Rose Mcgowan and Sebastian Tribbie. The film will also include analyses from clinical psychologists and counsellors who inform the viewer about the short and long-term effects of social media.

Public Figure is available for purchase on iTunes.

Watch the Public Figure trailer below.