Bonang Matheba speculated to have found love in New York

Bonang Matheba is speculated to have found love in New York, following a since-deleted post that sparked much conversation amongst her social media followers.

Bonang Matheba took to Twitter on Thursday, 24 June 2021, to suggest that she has a current love interest, without sharing much details. However, following the post, which she has since deleted, Matheba was asked if she would post the man in question. She responded by stating that she does not believe she will. However, she did continue to indicate her current bliss in a subsequent post.

Matheba acknowledged that she is currently in some form of a happy state, ahead of her birthday celebrations. On Friday, 25 June 2021, the star marks her thirty-fourth birthday. Despite currently being in New York, Bonang has been active on Twitter and retweeting the celebratory messages from her South African fans.

The star was asked if she would consider an Instagram Live session with her fans, but considering the time difference, Matheba will most likely not.

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