Bonang Matheba unwavering in legal action against Rea Gopane

Bonang Matheba has clarified that she is unwavering in the legal action against Rea Gopane and being financially compensated for the reputational damage, despite having received an apology from the podcaster.

Bonang Matheba took to Twitter on Monday, 17 May 2021, to affirm that she is looking forward to being financially compensated by podcaster, Rea Gopane. The podcaster made unfounded allegations about how Matheba supposedly introduced her ex-boyfriend, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, to narcotics.

Matheba subsequently served Gopane with legal papers requesting that he publicly retract his statement. Moreover, that he also pays R500 000 in possible loss of income for the media personality because of the reputational damage caused by the allegations. As Gopane posted his apology on social media, Matheba commented by expressing that all that is left is for him to pay the outstanding amount.

Some social media users then suggested that she was being heavy-handed. Moreover, some suggested that she should let the matter rest as the public apology has been made. However, Matheba has made it clear that she is looking to get all that is due to her from Gopane.

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