Bonang Matheba will never join Fired FM

Bonang Matheba has finally given her stance on Fired FM, by making it clear that she would not join the much-teased podcast network.

Bonang Matheba took to Twitter on Monday, 4 October 2021, to reveal that she has changed her handle on the platform. An interesting fact about Matheba changing her handle from @bonang_m to just @bonang is that it did not interfere with her verification. Despite the change on her handle, the star’s verification blue tick remains. Twitter users were surprised by this fact, considering that many local media personalities that wish to change their handles have to either risk losing their verification status or commit to their initial handle.

Moreover, while she was engaging with her followers on the platform, Matheba finally addressed whether she would be interested in joining the contentious idea of Fired FM. Conceptualised by veteran broadcasters, T’bo Touch, Robert Marawa, DJ Fresh and DJ Sbu, Fired FM is imagined as a podcast network which will run like a radio station that features some of the biggest local broadcasters who have been fired from their workplaces.

The list of broadcasters initially featured an all-male roster, and when asked to suggest females to join the roster, Matheba was one of the names mentioned. However, Matheba has now confirmed that she is not interested in joining. This is despite having worked with T’bo Touch on Live and her close connection to DJ Fresh.

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