Bonang Matheba’s estate offers various apartment types

Bonang Matheba’s residence, often showcased on her social media pages and reality show, is in the Waterfall Country Estate, and offers properties that appeal to people of various incomes.

South African media personality, Bonang Matheba, is known for her lavish lifestyle and elegant taste. Her house is no exception as it showcases her no-expense-spared flair, which is often shown on her reality show, 1Magic’s Being Bonang. Her home is located in Waterfall City, Johannesburg, within the Waterfall Country Estate.

Designed by Century Property Development architect, Joanne Reynolds, Bonang Matheba’s home features black and white elegance from the exterior to the interior. Although the media star has never stated the price of her home, her expensive taste is evident in her décor, which was done by interior decorator, Jessica Hofmeyr.

Waterfall Country Estate comprises homes priced at various amounts. Apart from the free-standing homes, the estate includes apartment buildings which offer the same amenities as the other residents. Apartments are priced at approximately R1 025 000, whilst the more high-end homes range between R8 000 000 and R18 000 000.