Boniswa’s Scandal! exits with Royalty Soapie Awards nod

Lusanda Mbane marked her final Scandal! episode with news that she has been nominated for a Royalty Soapie Award, for her portrayal of Boniswa Langa. 

Lusanda Mbane took to Instagram on Wednesday, 1 September 2021, to confirm that her latest appearance on’s Scandal! marked her final appearance on the soapie. Her exit also marked a change in the direction of the soapie. This is seen as the story begins to shift to more location-based shoots. Scandal! appears to be shifting from soapie conventions of storytelling to more telenovela-like treatments, ahead of the introduction of the Kubekas.

Mbane has portrayed the character of Boniswa since 2016. In the five years since her introduction, Boniswa’s character has gone through an arch, unlike most characters. Her first years on the show were of a dutiful and astute wife and founder of a school in the Eastern Cape. However, in recent years, Boniswa became the villain of the show, and in extension, has since become one of the most iconic television villains of all time.

The star was celebrated by the Scandal! team with an event to bid farewell to her character and the world which she governed. Mbane did not share a parting message for her fans on social media, however, she did reflect on the honour of being nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress for the 2021 Royalty Soapie Awards.

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