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Bontle Modiselle reveals cheating is not a deal-breaker in her and Priddy Ugly’s marriage

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Bontle Modiselle joined MacG on the most recent episode of Podcast And Chill, which saw her discussing why she would forgive her husband, Priddy Ugly, if he cheated on her.

Bontle Modiselle appeared on the latest episode of MacG’s Podcast And Chill, which premiered on YouTube on Thursday, 21 January 2021. The media personality opened up about the unique aspects of her and Priddy Ugly’s marriage. The two wed in 2019, and she explained that although she is happy to be married, she does not believe in confining to societal standards and rules, which is why she and her husband have set their own rules for themselves.

Bontle expressed that their relationship is worth saving if either one of them were ever to be unfaithful, even if he were to have a child with someone else. She claimed that they have made the decision to work together through it, if the situation were to arise. She stated that her husband has proven his worth to her, which is why she would be able to give him a chance to explain the situation to her.

The dancer and actress also discussed the intimate parts of their relationship, revealing that she and Priddy Ugly have included third parties in their intimate acts, as they are always open to new experiences. She clarified that the decision has to be agreed upon by both of them, and that the third party should be there purely for the physical act and must not have any feelings for either one of them.

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