Bridgerton family tree in alphabetic chronology

Netflix’s Bridgerton family tree is simplified as the names of the Bridgeton children are given in alphabetical order.


Bridgerton is the Netflix period romantic drama series that first premiered in 2020, breaking all the records at the time on the paid subscription channel, before the arrival of global phenomenon and Netflix original series, Squid Game.

The focus of each season is the journey of one of the eight Bridgerton children finding love. However, considering that there are eight of them and the chronology in which the series is running is not in order of the children’s dates of birth, it may be confusing to understand who’s who.

Below, we take a detailed chronological look at the Bridgerton family tree, and the latest news on season three.

Is Bridgerton season three confirmed?

Bridgerton season three has recently been confirmed following the conclusion of season two in March 2022. Season two of the Netflix series was based on the second novel in the Bridgerton collection by American author, Julia Quinn, titled The Viscount Who Loved Me.

While insiders initially believed that the third season would focus on the third book in the chronological series, An Offer From A Gentleman, it was recently confirmed that the third season is going to be based on the fourth book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, which develops the love story between Colin and Penelope.

Bridgerton family tree in alphabetic chronology

The easiest way to understand the Bridgerton family tree is by understanding the chronology of the series of eight novels released in the Bridgerton series.

The books were released in chronological order of the birth dates of the Bridgerton children and according to their names, which were given in alphabetic order. The only exception is the first book, The Duke and I.

This book is based on the fourth child of the Bridgerton family, Daphne, and her love story with the Duke of Hastings, Simon.

Daphne, born in 1792, was the first female child born from the marriage of Violet Ledger and The Viscount, Edmund Bridgerton.

After this book, the rest of the books follow the chronology of the children’s birth dates until books seven and eight. Below is a detailed look at the chronology of the Bridgerton family tree.

1. The Bridgertons’ eldest children are all boys

Daphne, the first girl child in the Bridgerton family, was the first to break the streak of boys in the family. As such, in the book chronology, The Viscount Who Loved Me focused on the eldest, Anthony, born in 1784.

The third book, An Offer From A Gentlemen, is based on the love story of the second born son, Benedict, born in 1786.

The fourth book, the inspiration of the upcoming third season, is Romancing Mister Bridgerton, which focuses on the love story of the third and last of the boys before Daphne, Colin, who was born in 1791.

2. Daphne marks the beginning of the female births

While Daphne’s birth marked the end of the pattern of only boys, it also marked the beginning of the births of the girls in the Bridgerton family, with the fifth and sixth child born into the Bridgeton family being girls.

Following Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the fourth book in the collection, the fifth book is To Sir Phillip, With Love, based on the love story of the fifth-born in the Bridgerton family, Eloise, born in 1796.

The sixth book, When He Was Wicked, is based on the love story of the sixth Bridgerton child, Francesca, who was born in 1797.

3. Gregory and Hyacinth

The last two books of the Bridgerton series are not in the order of the chronological birth dates of the children.

This is because the seventh book is based on the love story of the last born of the family, Hyacinth, born in 1803, and the title of the book is It’s In His Kiss.

The final book in the collection is based on the seventh and last boy child in the Bridgerton family, Gregory, who was born in 1801.

The book is titled On The Way to the Wedding. The book concludes all the love stories of the Bridgerton family and how it branched out through the children’s love stories.

Final thoughts

Below is a table explaining the family tree better:


Violet and Edmund Bridgerton

Children in birth order Year of birth
Anthony 1784
Benedict 1786
Colin 1791
Daphne 1792
Eloise 1796
Francesca 1797
Gregory 1801
Hyacinth 1802