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Brighton Ngoma stars as T-Bang Moeketsi in uBettina Wethu

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SABC 1 has shared a new clip providing more insight into the character of T-Bang Moeketsi from uBettina Wethu, a role assumed by Brighton Ngoma.

SABC 1 took to Twitter on Friday, 2 April 2021, to introduce the character of T-Bang Moeketsi, who is part of the newly launched comedy on the channel, uBettina Wethu. T-Bang is portrayed by Brighton Ngoma, providing a stark contrast to the media mogul that the actor plays in eTV’s Scandal!, Quinton Nyathi.

T-Bang is fashioned after the inspiration of his character, Marc St. James from the original American show, Ugly Betty. Micheal Urie assumes the iconic role in the original series and was initially one of the antagonists of the show. However, as the show continued in more seasons, the character became more humanised.

T-Bang is the Creative Director at Nubia and is still purely portrayed as an antagonist. Moreover, T-Bang’s most striking feature is his interesting choice of hair colours, which sporadically change throughout the show.

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