BritBox not working on Samsung TV

There are a number of factors that can result in BritBox not working on a Samsung TV, and there are easy hacks to solve most of the common ones.

Since being launched in 2017, BritBox has grown so much in popularity that it is often compared to one of the first English paid subscription video-on-demand streaming services, Acorn TV.

However, in the years since its launch, it has created a particular niche for itself. The streaming service is touted for some of the best British classics like Coronation Street, particularly for a US audience.

One of the devices that it is compatible with is Samsung TVs, but the app does experience some problems. Understanding the problem is important, as there are easy hacks that can resolve the issue, like restarting the smart TV.

Which Samsung TVs is BritBox compatible with?

Samsung is a well-established appliance and electronics manufacturing and selling company.

The company is reported to have introduced its first smart TV in 2015, joining the market of smart TV sellers. But getting BritBox as an app on the platform took a couple of years.

This is as it was confirmed in 2019 that Samsung TVs were compatible with BritBox, meaning that you could download BritBox on Samsung TVs from models made in 2016 and the subsequent model releases.

BritBox not working on Samsung TV

Why BritBox sometimes does not work on your Samsung TV is one of the most frequently asked questions. However, in order to know how to resolve the issue, you need to know what the problem is.

Before considering getting assistance from an expert, which can be expensive as each of the actions have a price attached to it, you should first check if it is a problem that you can easily resolve yourself manually.

The most common of these problems include:

Problem Description
A faulty connection Sometimes a cable or connection is either faulty or loose. This problem is easy to fix as you are just required to correct the faulty connection to verify whether the connection was the problem in the first place
Update required Possibly the biggest common mistake is that when either the app or the Samsung TV is not updated, it results in problems like lagging or BritBox or the smart TV itself freezing
Wi-Fi connection When your Wi-Fi is down, apps and the smart TV will not work, as it requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to work
Internal Error Internal errors are a common reason why sometimes your BritBox may not work on your Samsung TV. But in most cases, it is easy to know that it is an internal error as a pop-up will appear if this is the case

Hack 1: Update your Samsung TV and app

If an update is the problem, you need to know which of the two systems needs an update. The best way to do this is by verifying that the smart TV and the app is updated. When you are updating your smart TV, the steps to follow are:

Steps Description
1 Turn on your Samsung TV
2 Ensure that your TV is connected to the internet
3 Select “Support” from the menu
4 Click on “Software Update”
5 Confirm by clicking on “Update Now”

To update the BritBox app, follow these steps:

Steps Description
1 Go through the Samsung Smart Hub
2 Select “Apps”
3 Find the BritBox app icon, then press and hold the select button
4 Click on “Update App”

Hack 2: Fixing Wi-Fi connectivity

Before assuming that the Wi-Fi is the problem, you need to verify that the network connection is the problem. An easy hack to do this is to check if other devices connected to the Wi-Fi are also not working.

If it is the Wi-Fi connection that is the problem, it is one of the easiest things to fix. All you need to do is ensure that all its plugs are connected properly.

Switch it off for around 30 seconds, then turn it on again, it should reboot and work properly. If not, at least you know it is not the app but a Wi-Fi issue.

Hack 3: Fixing Internal errors

There are two ways that an internal error can be fixed to resolve BritBox not working again on your Samsung TV. The first requires that you give your Samsung TV a soft boot.

This means switching off your smart TV and waiting a few minutes before you turn it back on again. This should help if the internal error was with the device.

But if the app is the issue, you need to delete the BritBox app and reinstall it and this should resolve the matter if the issue is an internal error with the app.

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