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Brittany Renner admits to no longer freely giving out her phone number

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Brittany Renner shares her advice on approaching someone using direct messaging on social media

Brittany Renner was reminded of her younger self when she commented on a post about giving your number to people with no real intention of engaging with them.

Brittany Renner commented on a Twitter post about having relations with people unwillingly on Tuesday, 26 May 2020. The author of Judge This Cover commented with laughing emojis on a tweet stating, “You ever get a text and say out loud, ‘Bro leave me alone’?’”

When questioned on the use of the string of emojis, Brittany revealed how her approach to engaging with people has changed. The social media influencer and author confessed, “At one point in time, yes,” admitting to previously engaging with people unwillingly.

She then went on to clarify how that has changed, stating, “I don’t have those problems now because I don’t give my [phone number] to people I don’t want to talk to.”

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Sabelo Makhubo
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