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Brittany Renner gets her hair cut by hairstylist and friend, Montria

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Brittany Renner took to her YouTube channel to detail her latest hair look, which saw hairstylist, Montria, trying to salvage her choppy hair with a new cut.

Brittany Renner’s latest YouTube video, shared on Monday, 25 May 2020, saw the media personality showing her viewers the poor growth rate of her hair. Renner began by explaining that her hair has begun to grow at the back, but for some reason, her fringe has not grown much in the past few months, creating an uneven look. She also revealed that she previously wore sew-in extensions, which damaged her hair, leading to her consistently wearing wigs to give her hair a chance to grow.

Fed up with the current state of her hair, Renner reached out to hairstylist, Montria, to attend to her hair. Montria decided to cut her hair from her first layer, which created a way for all of her hair to grow at the same pace throughout her head. Renner stated, “First things first, my hair cut courtesy of Montria. She’s located in the Los Angeles area and is someone who not only I trusted with my hair, but a person I am proud to call a friend.”

Watch Brittany Renner ‘s video and see the post below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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