Buhle Samuels outraged by men who punch above their own weight

Buhle Samuels has expressed her disapproval of men who see no problem in joining her without an invitation, claiming that it is disrespectful, rude and shows a lack of manners.

Buhle Samuels took to Twitter on Monday, 11 January 2021, to share her thoughts on what she believes is a lack of manners from men. Specifically, she spoke about how some men pull up a seat at her table and assume that she is not busy or engaged in conversation with someone else, which she finds disrespectful.

The actress then received a slew of backlash, with some assuming that her reaction would be based on the status of the man. One user claimed that if it were someone such as Duduzane Zuma, she would welcome him with open arms.

She immediately responded, “Oh hello no, he will be put in his place! Not everything is about entertaining your desire as a man. I might be in a meeting or conversation that has no time for your lovesick puppy antics! That’s why some of you are punching above your weight, you can’t see a lady if she had a neon sign.”

Buhle’s followers appeared to have a problem with her referring to men as “punching above their weight,” with some questioning who she feels is worth her time. She responded, “It has nothing to do with money, if that’s where you’re going! When a man knows what a lady is, he knows not to use rude cheap tactics to get her attention! He uses respect to get her attention. Respect speaks volumes, it makes you want to get to know someone.”

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