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Buhle Samuels’ travel guide according to her Instagram page 

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With the international travel ban still firmly in place, Buhle Samuels has shared visuals of her previous vacations on social media as she reminisces about days before lockdown.

Overseas holiday plans appear to be something for the very distant future, due to the international border restrictions that have been put in place. Travel enthusiasts are currently left with nothing but memories, as they look back at life before the pandemic where travelling was considered essential and necessary to them.

South African media personality, Buhle Samuels, has also been reminiscing about her past vacations, allowing her followers to have a visual guide of where she has been. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 23 June 2020, she shared a panoramic video of herself enjoying lunch and a cocktail on a rooftop in Santorini, Greece.

Prior to the lockdown, the actress had consistently documented her travels on social media, having visited places such as Rome, Paris, England, and various local luxury resorts in Cape Town, such as La Residence.

See some of Buhle Samuels’ travel images below.

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SBWL 🥺😍😍😍

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She’s a two sided coin either way you win!

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A time when the world was a playground and a home to us all • Covid-19 is teaching us that we are one community. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re African ,Asian , European or American that your actions don’t affect the greater community, this virus reminds us that you are gravely mistaken if you see things that way! We have a responsibility to each other and to ourselves, to act in the greater good of our immediate and larger community • This virus will bring us to the truth of who we really are • How SELFLESS can we be for the greater good by staying indoors and practicing social distancing • How HONEST we can be without anyone watching, like washing your hands coughing into a closed elbow or tissue. Sanitizing you’re hands before touching common use items in public areas. • How COMMITTED we can be to the hard work it will take for us to over come this pandemic. No forms of wishful thinking will rid us of this virus. • The only thing that will rid us of this virus is SELFLESSNESS HONESTY AND COMMITMENT! • IT STARTS WITH YOU! #quaratineandchill

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