Busiswa criticises men on Twitter

Busiswa has expressed her feelings of frustrations towards male Twitter users, claiming that they consistently choose to defend abuse instead of victims.

Busiswa took to Twitter on Friday, 5 March 2021, to share her views on male Twitter users, claiming that they often voice their opinions which negate the feelings of abused women. The musician explained that she has been observing the poor behaviour of some of her followers, who continue to ignore the seriousness of abuse.

Busiswa also appealed to women who are in abusive relations to step away and speak up, in order to expose the preparators for their wrongdoings. She sympathised with their feelings of being alone and ostracised, and encouraged them to remember that it is not worth their joy.

She stated, “One thing about my brothers on this app, they will defend, justify and nullify abuse. Yeyiii! If you’re in [an] abusive relationship, I know it may feel like you’re on your own [and] have nowhere to go, but please speak up and walk away. It’s not worth your life or joy. You deserve joy too.”

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