Busiswa’s My Side Of The Story is an honest retelling of recent events

Busiswa’s new album, My Side Of The Story, details her most controversial events to date, but does so in a way that remains true to her signature sound.

Busiswa released her third studio album, My Side Of The Story, on Friday, 20 November 2020. The album marked an end of Busiswa’s two-year hiatus from releasing music, however, it seems that she has been transitioning in the two years. Firstly, she amicably parted ways with Kalawa Jazmee and went independent with her own record label, Majesty Music Entertainment. Secondly, her relationship scandals and allegations of physical abuse also came to the fore, ultimately acting as inspiration for the album.

My Side Of The Story was promised as a body of work where Busiswa would detail what happened in the relationship and how she eventually walked away. In 12 tracks, Busiswa delivered in telling her side of the story, but more than that, she also detailed where she is currently in her life.

From Love Song, featuring Dunnie, to Bonnie & Clyde, featuring Suzy Eises and Mr JazziQ, she detailed how she fell deeply, and maybe blindingly, in love. Throughout the album detailing her love story, there are standout and relatable songs such as Lucky Star, featuring DJ Tunez and D3an, and Ndim uHaHaHa.

For the last stretch of the album, Busiswa explored the freedom that came with leaving a toxic relationship. She did so by preaching female empowerment, unity and support. Her album’s conclusion acts a show of her strength and substantiates the decision to tell her story through music.

The album is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to My Side Of The Story below.