CampMasters release Nanini music video, featuring Mpumi Mzobe

CampMasters have released the Nanini music video, featuring Mpumi Mzobe, which documents a love story that is not affected by distance and worldly temptations.

CampMasters, on Wednesday, 16 December 2020, took to Instagram to announce the availability of the Nanini music video, featuring Mpumi Mzobe. The music video functions on two levels; the first being the performative aspect, and the second being the narrative and basis of the visual.

The performative aspect of the music video appears to have been inspired by the genre of the song. CampMasters, Mpumi and the dancers are all dressed in African-inspired regalia, with the inclusion of tribal face paint. The scenes are about showcasing the expansiveness of the world, whether in nature or in the city.

The second level is the love story that personifies the words of the song. The story is based on high school sweethearts, who are separated when the young woman has to go to university and the young man has to stay behind. Despite the distance and temptations of the world, the couple proves that love always wins.

Watch the Nanini music video below.