Can you play 8 Ball on Snapchat?

How to play 8 Ball on Snapchat with the Magic 8 Ball filter, how the Magic 8 works, and some games users can play on Snapchat.

One of the best features of popular social media platforms is the ability to play online games on the apps. Users are given access to a variety of online games they can choose from to play with their friends online, offering a competitive space between online communities.

Snapchat is one platform that offers its users the chance to play an array of online games with their Snapchat friends. To play a game you need to invite a Snapchat friend, or a group of friends, to play in the chat. Is it, however, possible to play 8 Ball on Snapchat?

Playing 8 Ball on Snapchat

8 Ball is a pool game played online. For those wondering if 8 Ball can be played on Snapchat, the information pertaining to this question is hard to locate, therefore, most people still don’t know how to find 8 Ball in Snap Games.

However, the Magic 8 Ball filter is something Snapchat users can play with. The Magic 8 ball filter works by answering your questions, just as the real-life magic ball does.

The Magic 8 Ball appears virtually, and you can ask it any question, which it will answer. It can also be played with friends.

Can you play 8 Ball on Snapchat?

When it comes to playing the pool game, 8 Ball on Snapchat, there is little to no information on whether you can find it in Snap Games. Though, the Magic 8 Ball is something for Snapchat users to play with in the form of a Snapchat filter.

People who have played with a real-life Magic 8 Ball will know that it is a black ball that you can ask a question, and it will answer you.

Snapchat introduced the Magic 8 Ball as a Snap lens and filter, and it works in the exact same way as the real-life ball. You do not need to use the Magic 8 Ball alone, you can get your Snapchat friends to play along, too, by inviting them in the chat.

How does the Magic 8 Ball work?

To play with the Magic 8 Ball lens, you will need to scan for its Snapcode first. Once you have done that, you are good to go and can open up the filter which will appear on the screen with the ball showing on top of your head.

You can then ask the Magic Ball any question and tap on the screen. The answer will appear from the Magic 8 Ball, similarly to with the real-life ball. This can be a fun and interesting game when played with Snapchat friends.

How to unlock Snap lenses such as the Magic 8 Ball

Some Snap lenses such as the Magic 8 Ball will need to be downloaded to your Snapchat first, in order for you to use it. This requires that you unlock the particular Snap lens.

To do this, a Snapchat user has to open Snapchat and point their camera at the Snap lens they wish to add. Press and hold the Snap lens on your screen, and this will scan the Snapcode. You will then be set to use your new Magic 8 Ball filter.

What are some game developers and games on Snapchat?

Games are made by Snapchat and third-party game developers that are not part of the Snap Inc. family of companies.

Some games are made by Snapchat, such as Bitmoji Party and Bitmoji Tennis.

Snake Squad is made by Playco; Tiny Royale and Bumped Out are made by Zynga; Subway Surfers Airtime is made by SYBO; Zombie Rescue Squad and Ready Set Golf are made by PikPok; Color Galaxy and Crazy Run are made by Gismart; Ready Chef Go is made by MojiWorks, and Sugar Slam is made by Mighty Kingdom.

Final thoughts

Many social media platforms allow users to make use of their services and features as online sharing platforms. People use social media to share content as well as to express themselves and build a community of friends. It is also a place to play games online.

For those wondering if they can play the 8 Ball pool game on Snapchat, it might be difficult as there is little information about how to play or where to find it. However, users can play the Magic 8 Ball lens virtually, as if they are playing with a real-life Magic 8 Ball.